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Food, Drinks, Art.

Food, Drinks, Art.

As Tonic has just finished a renovation, it has space to hang art, and District Playground has a great idea. This non-profit is looking for submissions from people who a) live in Mt. Pleasant and b) work in the restaurant/bar industry. You can find out all the additional information here.

District Playground “provides opportunities for less advantaged members of the Washington DC community to participate in the arts and reconnect with creative outlets commonly left behind in elementary school.” SWEET. I fortunately have no lack of creative outlets, much to the dismay of my family and friends, but, honestly, have you ever heard of a cooler organization?

Thanks to Prince of Petworth for posting this great tidbit about Mt. Pleasant on his blog yesterday.


This week at Mt. P’s famer’s market, you can basically buy any fresh produce your little heart desires. No really, you can.

Who knew apple season had started–purchase Pristine, Paula Red, Rambo, and EarliGolds from the always helpful sellers from the always delicious Reid Orchard. I’m particulary excited for the green and yellow beans, flat roma beans, and lima beans from Richfield Farm. (Okay, less for the lima beans, but I obviously like to write in threes.) Also, in addition to free-range pork products, Truck Patch Farms also again has grass-fed ground beef and steaks. Now, I know no one took me up on making me fried okra a few weeks back, but I’m more than happy to be invited to eat steak at your bbq.

At 11am swing by to learn how to make a vegetarian North Indian dish from local Mt. P resident, Lina Parikh. Nothing like a cooking demonstration to start out your Saturday. (Obviously this comes after the obligatory Saturday morning bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwich from Heller’s).

Also tmrw, this guy will be strolling around playing his banjo and apparently takes requests. What are the chances he can play me a little Metallica?

P.S. And as always, thanks to Rebbie of the Mt. P farmer’s market for sending us along the list of the available products each week and for her terrific management of everyone’s favorite Saturday morning activity.

Tonight is the Think Local, Drink Local monthly mixer for DC’s local businesses at our very own Don Juan’s. Pay $10 (or $5 if your a Think Local First member) which includes the menu tasting! If you’re one of the fist 30 people to arrive you can take part in “speed-networking” where you move from table to table and rank dishes from Don Juan’s while connecting with other local business owners. Also, everything on the menu is delicious.

Monday, August 4, 6-8pm
Don Juan’s
1660 Lamont St NW (at Mt. Pleasant St.)

I started salivating this morning when I received the email with the list of all of the delectable deliciousness that will be available at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.

This week there are too many good fruits and veggies to count: peaches, raspberries, blueberries, arugla, plums, cucumbers, eggplants, apricots, the list goes on. Also, lots of good herbs, eggs, free-range pork products, as well as breads from locally-owned Breadline.

Stop by the manager’s booth to get a taste of gooseberries! They’ve promised me you’ll be a convert. I’m waiting to be convinced as I thought gooseberries were something that only existed in Willy Wonka. Additionally, if you were disappointed last week when you couldn’t buy feta, yogurt and chocolate pudding at Keswick Creamery, don’t worry, they are back this week.

From here on out, every Friday morning (okay, okay I know I’m late today), I’ll post my picks for the Lamont Park Farmer’s Market. I can’t wait for the whole array of produce, meat, bread and cheese I’ll be purchasing at Saturday’s market.

C’mon on out, meet your neighbors, buy local and celebrate the summer sun.

Meet you there! Save some okra for me!! (and yes, if you want to make me that recipe, I will marry you and restore your historic home in Mt. P)

Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market
Lamont Park



While chains aren’t necessarily my thing, who can pass up a free coke slurpee??

Thanks to BYT and We Love DC for alerting me to the fact that I can drink frozen high fructose corn syrup to my heart’s content today.

3146 Mount Pleasant St. NW
Washington, DC 20010
Open all the time

Never too early to start thinking about the weekend is what I say…

This weekend, on Saturday, July 12, Mt. Pleasant Main Street will be showing Shrek in Spanish with English subtitles as part of their Films in the Park summer series. The movie will be shown in, you guessed it, Lamont Park (same place as the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market).

The movie will begin at 9:00pm, but don’t miss the Independent Business Celebration beforehand at 7:00pm. (If you can’t tell already, independent business is something we celebrate everyday here at Climbing the Mount.) What is this celebration all about? From our friends over at the Main Street offices: “How well do you know Mt. Pleasant? Play “Buy Local Bingo” and test your knowledge of the local businesses on Mt. Pleasant Street. Win prizes from Dos Gringos, Boveda Tribes and more! Bingo starts at 7:30pm!” Bingo?? I’m in!

Also, if you’re looking to volunteer (and I know some of you are judging from our poll), Main Street is still looking for some help setting up before the movie and cleaning up after the movie, as well as for some volunteers to work a table during the Farmer’s Market that morning. If you’re interested in volunteering, email Karen at

Mt. Pleasant Main Street Presents Films in the Park
Lamont Park
7:00pm- Independent Business Celebration
7:30pm- Bingo!
9:00pm- Shrek (Spanish w/English Subtitles)

Welcome everybody!! Can you take our poll so we can see what you want us to cover? It’ll take just a second! Thanks and come again!

I know you thought that we were the only website dedicated to Mt. Pleasant around. This, however, is simply untrue. Here are a few of my faves. Did I forget any that you like?

** Mt. Pleasant Main Street — one of my favorite organizations because they promote local business and “cultural uniqueness.” The Main Street organization is a project of the National Trust for Historic Preservation with 1200 active local chapters. Obviously, I love all of these things. Main Street hosts the movie nights during the summer which I will be happy to tell you about with ample notice, and their website also has a great directory of local businesses.

** — this is the “virtual online community” of Washingtonians who live in the Mt. Pleasant area. They have a great online forum where you can ask questions about the neighborhood, find housing, look for a lost cat, etc. There are updates to the forum every week, though, not every day.

** Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance — a membership based neighborhood council website. You can learn about upcoming Mt. P events and join their organization to get involved with the community. Personally, I know little about this group (read: Courtney feels guilty for not being as involved with the community as she wants to/should be and for spending a ridiculous amount of time facebook stalking today instead of working towards this goal), but I support all types of neighborhood activism. This website also hasn’t been updated since last month, but hopefully we’ll see some updates soon!

UPDATE: Wow, DCist linked to us! Check out this NEW POST with a poll about what you want to read about in our blog! It will only take a moment and we’d love to hear from you!

Heller’s is having their 80th anniversary celebration this Saturday, 6/28.

The home of all things delicious

According to Mt. Pleasant Main Street, there will be free deliciousness from 9am-6pm in the park on Lamont & Mt Pleasant St. (aka my front yard). I will be in Chicago (see the post below) on Saturday and will be missing this incredible event, but I encourage all my readers (all 3 of you) to go and pick up some asparagus from the Famer’s Market and a croissant or a cookie or two from the anniversary celebration. Hell, why don’t you have a whole cherry pie, and then save some of it, buy some vanilla ice cream, and invite me over when I get back home next week. (I’m in no way joking.)

Because we’re so busy acting raucously around MtP, we sometimes run out of time to do other things.  Kate wrote this email to Catherine’s roommates, trying to fix the problem before it started, but it’s likely too late, the damage is done.  Catherine might hate us, so I’m driving to Chicago to make her happy and give her sunglass back.  Okay, so I was going to go to Chicago anyway, details. 

Hello Ladies,

This is Kate, you met me at book club last week.  I’m in a bit of a pickle and I hoped you guys could help me.  I had Catherine’s sunglasses and she wanted them back before she went to Chicago today. Last night I got home too late so I just put them in your mailbox and texted her that they were there so she could get them this morning.  Apparently my plan was flawed; she didn’t get them and now is concerned she will never see them again.  Obviously you are both at work so can’t do anything about this now, but I’m hoping you can later.  If Catherine is unable to get them before she leaves for some reason, can one of you take them out of the mailbox and give them back to me?  Courtney is going to Chicago on Saturday and can bring them there with her.  I can come pick them up tonight or whenever, just give me a call.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Our Email

Please email us tips about what's going on in the neighborhood, questions you have about Mt. P, and pictures to post on our blog! We love Mt. Pleasant, but obviously are not experts, so we'd love your help and we'd love to hear from you. climbingthemount@