This week at Mt. P’s famer’s market, you can basically buy any fresh produce your little heart desires. No really, you can.

Who knew apple season had started–purchase Pristine, Paula Red, Rambo, and EarliGolds from the always helpful sellers from the always delicious Reid Orchard. I’m particulary excited for the green and yellow beans, flat roma beans, and lima beans from Richfield Farm. (Okay, less for the lima beans, but I obviously like to write in threes.) Also, in addition to free-range pork products, Truck Patch Farms also again has grass-fed ground beef and steaks. Now, I know no one took me up on making me fried okra a few weeks back, but I’m more than happy to be invited to eat steak at your bbq.

At 11am swing by to learn how to make a vegetarian North Indian dish from local Mt. P resident, Lina Parikh. Nothing like a cooking demonstration to start out your Saturday. (Obviously this comes after the obligatory Saturday morning bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwich from Heller’s).

Also tmrw, this guy will be strolling around playing his banjo and apparently takes requests. What are the chances he can play me a little Metallica?

P.S. And as always, thanks to Rebbie of the Mt. P farmer’s market for sending us along the list of the available products each week and for her terrific management of everyone’s favorite Saturday morning activity.