We’re smack dab at the height of tomato season, Kids! What a great reason to head over to the Farmer’s Market to choose from no fewer than eight different varieties of luscious, vine-ripened goodies (as well as some fresh, homemade sauce from the Quaker Valley Farm stand). Also new from Quaker Valley this week: red and yellow seedless watermelons and white and green cantaloupes. AND there are enough varieties of potatoes available to keep you knee deep in exotic spuds until Labor Day!

Interestingly, Truck Patch Farms has something available called “chocolate and pineapple mint.” Now I’m not sure if those are two different kinds of mint, one crazy kind of mint, or they are just missing punctuation so they actually have chocolate, pineapple, and mint, but believe you me, I’ll be checking it out.

Richfield Farm is looking for help at their stand during the morning rush, so let them know if you’re interested in community focused employment (or better, volunteering)!! Better get there early to help out, I’m sure there will be some farm fresh produce in it for you!

Note: We’re so sorry we’ve been slightly remiss about keeping you updated these past few weeks, but we pledge to do better. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about: breakfast at Don Jaime’s, late-night Bibim Bab at Adam Express, and a full review of Ramona’s Day Spa!