Tomorrow morning brings the 200th day of the year, the anniversary of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, and yet another installment of our favorite outdoor green market extravaganza — the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market.

This will likely be your last chance to pick up the season’s final sour cherries, but don’t get down, there will be plenty to fill the void. The market will provide a sneak peek of the late summer fruit that is just starting to arrive, like watermelon, cantaloupe, and blackberries.

Of course, all of the usual suspects will be there: the bread guy, the cheese guy, the herb guy (who also has free-range pork and eggs), and the rest of the customary fruit and vegetable hawkers. Also (and very importantly) available: peach pie, my favorite.

It’s going to be a scorcher, so make sure you get to Lamont Park early to pick up that watermelon to enjoy by the pool once the sun hits high noon. We’ll see you there (the market AND the pool… invite us to the pool, dammit!)