Or “Venez aux Dos Gringos!”  How about “來到英美人士!”?  (That’s Chinese, if it’s wrong blame babelfish, not me.)  

If you understood any of the above beckonings, then you speak a foreign language.  Good for you, you smart, worldly person.  And guess what?  This Saturday (and every Saturday), you have a chance to practice that language with other Mt. Pleasant residents. 

Dos Gringos is hosting what they call an Intercambio, an informal get together where attendees can practice their Spanish, French, Chinese, or Vietnamese, the main four languages spoken in Mt. Pleasant.  The restaurant managers will put us into groups by language, give us a topic, sell us fantastic sandwiches, and let the converstation fly. 

Don’t worry if you only speak a little bit of a language.  This is completely informal, so no one will make fun of you (to your face).  The multi-lingual fun starts at 6pm and lasts as long as you’d like to stay.  Come join us this Saturday so I can ask all of you how you are in Spanish (since that’s pretty much all I can remember) and Courtney can dust off her semi-fluent “I lived in Paris for a semester” French.    

Intercambio at Dos Gringos
Saturday, July 19, 6-9pm
3116 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010