DCist and The Examiner are reporting a surge in rapes in the District that MPD is now attributing to one offender.  In the latest in a series of four similar cases, a woman was raped in her home in Mt. Pleasant.  On Thursday around 4am, a young Hispanic man broke into her home on 18th and Park Road, the woman reported, raped her and stole some of her belongings.

Though this case may not be related to the previous three, the police see strong enough similarities to consider the possibility of a serial rapist.  The reports of these three earlier rapes occured on May 16, May 25, and June 26.  In each case, the man broke into the woman’s home in the early morning hours.  None of the women report having known their attacker, which makes this offender especially dangerous. 

This attacker is still on the loose, so please, be safe.  The women are not aware of exactly how the intruder entered their homes, so it is important, despite the nice weather, to keep doors and windows locked, particularly at night.