It was a beautiful Saturday night in Lamont Park, where community members gathered to enjoy a night of local business fun, music, games, and Shrek, all brought to you by Mt. Pleasant Mainstreet.  Volunteers from Think Local First (a GREAT organization we’ll tell you about in more detail at a later date) were on hand to educate consumers about the benefits of supporting local businesses.  July happens to be “Independents Month,” a time for community members to pledge their support by buying local whenever possible, so the Think Local First gang was busy campaigning away for their great cause.  

Father/son jazz duo Franko Jazz provided musical entertainment before the movie.  The movie, despite earlier advertisements, ended up being in English with Spanish subtitles instead of vice-versa, but we’re not complaining.  We were a little worried about some of the funnier inuedo getting lost in translation.  The crowd, young and old, heartily enjoyed both the music and the movie.  (Of course! Who doesn’t love Shrek?  Or teenage jazz drummers??) 

Missed this one?  Don’t worry!  Join us for the next film in the series, The Goonies (in English with Spanish subtitiles) at 9pm on August 9th.  (Don’t worry, e-friends, we’ll remind you again closer to the date.)

Note: Sadly, we don’t have any pictures of Films in the Park.  Do you?  Send them our way and we promise to give you a very special, Local Business-related prize we have yet to decide upon.