I started salivating this morning when I received the email with the list of all of the delectable deliciousness that will be available at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.

This week there are too many good fruits and veggies to count: peaches, raspberries, blueberries, arugla, plums, cucumbers, eggplants, apricots, the list goes on. Also, lots of good herbs, eggs, free-range pork products, as well as breads from locally-owned Breadline.

Stop by the manager’s booth to get a taste of gooseberries! They’ve promised me you’ll be a convert. I’m waiting to be convinced as I thought gooseberries were something that only existed in Willy Wonka. Additionally, if you were disappointed last week when you couldn’t buy feta, yogurt and chocolate pudding at Keswick Creamery, don’t worry, they are back this week.

From here on out, every Friday morning (okay, okay I know I’m late today), I’ll post my picks for the Lamont Park Farmer’s Market. I can’t wait for the whole array of produce, meat, bread and cheese I’ll be purchasing at Saturday’s market.

C’mon on out, meet your neighbors, buy local and celebrate the summer sun.

Meet you there! Save some okra for me!! (and yes, if you want to make me that recipe, I will marry you and restore your historic home in Mt. P)

Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market
Lamont Park