At the behest of our reader, Erin (Thanks, Erin, keep up the great suggestions!), Courtney and I headed over to Bancroft Elementary this morning to investigate the garden plots that have been constructed there. The gardens lie on the east side of the school’s property, on Mt. Pleasant St. just north of Newton St.

Graves? No! GARDENS!!

Graves? No! GARDENS!!

Unfortunately, though, the gardens are not for community cultivation. They were built solely for the benefit of Bancroft Elementary students, who will use the plots to learn to grow plants and vegetables. The Bancroft secretary I spoke to said that the children are very excited about the opportunity. The venture will certainly also benefit the community as a whole, improving the landscape and aesthetic around the elementary school.

The project is spearheaded by community volunteer Iris Rothman, the woman who is also credited with bringing American University students to Bancroft to volunteer during the University’s Freshman Service Experience, a week-long volunteer program that introduces new students to the city while strengthening their sense of community in their new home. I haven’t been able to speak to Rothman about the gardens yet, but stay turned. I will update you, Internet, as soon as I am able.

UPDATE: Turns out that these plots ARE for community use!  Thanks to Devon for letting us know.  The kids’ gardens are on the west side of the school; these are on the east.  So some of us aren’t that great at the compass rose, back off.  I will try to get in touch with the leader of the Mt. Pleasant Community Garden (that’s right, it has a name) to find out how anyone who wants to can get involved!