I know you thought that we were the only website dedicated to Mt. Pleasant around. This, however, is simply untrue. Here are a few of my faves. Did I forget any that you like?

** Mt. Pleasant Main Street — one of my favorite organizations because they promote local business and “cultural uniqueness.” The Main Street organization is a project of the National Trust for Historic Preservation with 1200 active local chapters. Obviously, I love all of these things. Main Street hosts the movie nights during the summer which I will be happy to tell you about with ample notice, and their website also has a great directory of local businesses.

** mtpleasantdc.org — this is the “virtual online community” of Washingtonians who live in the Mt. Pleasant area. They have a great online forum where you can ask questions about the neighborhood, find housing, look for a lost cat, etc. There are updates to the forum every week, though, not every day.

** Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance — a membership based neighborhood council website. You can learn about upcoming Mt. P events and join their organization to get involved with the community. Personally, I know little about this group (read: Courtney feels guilty for not being as involved with the community as she wants to/should be and for spending a ridiculous amount of time facebook stalking today instead of working towards this goal), but I support all types of neighborhood activism. This website also hasn’t been updated since last month, but hopefully we’ll see some updates soon!

UPDATE: Wow, DCist linked to us! Check out this NEW POST with a poll about what you want to read about in our blog! It will only take a moment and we’d love to hear from you!