Last night I had a tasty dinner at Radius Pizza.  I drank PBR (which used to be on tap but is now just in a can.  Six of one, if you ask me), ate calamari caesar and pizza, and had a generally lovely evening.  Thanks for asking.   

The place is pretty great.  The menu is extensive, with pastas, sandwiches, appetizers (including gnocci in gorgonzola sauce that I didn’t get but might go back for tonight), and, of course, pizzas.  The pasta is really what I go there for.  Though Courtney doesn’t love their Fettuccine Alfredo as much as she does at some other places, they offer a ‘create your own’ pasta option that is unparalleled.  There are six different noodles and six different sauces to choose from, as well as more than twenty toppings, including daring ones like calamari and anchovies (which are obviously both delicious on their own, I’ve just never considered them in pasta). 

Very importantly, the place has some amazing weekly deals.  Every Monday, all of the pasta dishes are half price (and at their size and already low prices, this means two people can eat dinner for only six or seven dollars).  And every Wednesday, customers can enjoy a FREE BOTTLE OF WINE when they purchase a large pizza.  Need I say that again?  I will, just to hammer it home.  FREE. WINE.  

The brick walls create the feel of exactly the kind of place you’d want to drink FREE WINE and eat pizza.  The food is good and inexpensive and the service is prompt and friendly.  In fact, our affable waiter (who was identified on the check as “Mattycakes”) ran down the street after us to bring us the leftovers we accidentally forgot.  That’s service.

Radius Pizza
3155 Mt. Pleasant St NW
Washington, DC 20010
Open Monday – Friday: 5 PM – 11PM
Saturday: 12PM – 11PM
Sunday: 12PM – 10PM