Because Courtney is bemoaning the weight she’s gained stuffing her face today at Taste of Chicago, and because I’m bemoaning the fact that law school got in the way of what really could have been my ultimate Nirvana at Taste of Georgetown last fall, I got thinking about the amazing potential for a Taste of Mt. Pleasant festival extravaganza. 

This is what it would look like, except less Ireland and more MtP.

This is what it would look like, except less Ireland and more MtP.

Just imagine it.  Mt. Pleasant Street closed to traffic from top to bottom, the street filled with vendors and carts hawking the best food MtP has to offer.  Pasta from Radius, sandwiches from Dos Gringos, the list is almost endless.  A lot of it will be El Salvadorian, sure, and probably (hopefully) most of it will be entirely covered with cheese.   

And just to further the cheese consumption of our community, Courtney, upon her return, will regale you all with her intricate plans to open a deep-dish pizza restaurant in the empty storefront on the corner of Park and Mt. Pleasant.  It’s a brilliant plan.  Just you wait.  

Note: I’m categorizing this post in Upcoming Events even though the event exists only in my wildest and most delicious dreams.  But I’m going to call the head honchos tomorrow and see if maybe this can actually happen.