Call me overly sensitive, but I cried a little bit when I read the Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller.  In their ruling, the Court repealed the long-standing DC gun ban that has kept handguns out of the homes of District residents.

In 1988, there were 369 homicides in Washington, DC.  That number did rise to more than 450 in the mid-90’s, but has been steadily decreasing ever since, to just 181 last year.  Though Second Amendment textualists point to an overall increase in gun violence since handguns were banned in 1976 as a reason to repeal the ban, they fail to take into account the adverse effect MORE guns will have on an already sometimes volitile city.  More guns will yield more gun crimes and more gun deaths, intentional or not.  More guns, even ones meant for protection (from other people with guns) may very well make our streets and our communities less safe than they were before. 

But I digress.  The Supreme Court disagrees with me, so there is, for now, little point in arguing the issue.  The problem at hand, at this moment, is how we can keep our communities as cozy as they were yesterday, today. 

Mt. Pleasant, thankfully, has maintained statistically low crime rates in recent years, with ‘low’ counts of personal crimes, like homicide or assault, and ‘very low’ counts of property crimes, like burglary.  It is a strong sense of community that keeps neighborhoods like ours safe.  Though I am certainly and severely concerned for the fate of the less fortunate and less close-knit communities of our fair city, I am not wary of the future of The Mount.  We are neighbors and friends.  We smile and say “Hello” on the street and discuss drywall anchors at BBQ’s at Pfeiffer’s.  Keep it up, MtP, and we’ll be just fine.

Source: Metropolitan Police Department
Thanks to my Research Assistant and Indian Sex Queen, Rina, for her help.