Because we’re so busy acting raucously around MtP, we sometimes run out of time to do other things.  Kate wrote this email to Catherine’s roommates, trying to fix the problem before it started, but it’s likely too late, the damage is done.  Catherine might hate us, so I’m driving to Chicago to make her happy and give her sunglass back.  Okay, so I was going to go to Chicago anyway, details. 

Hello Ladies,

This is Kate, you met me at book club last week.  I’m in a bit of a pickle and I hoped you guys could help me.  I had Catherine’s sunglasses and she wanted them back before she went to Chicago today. Last night I got home too late so I just put them in your mailbox and texted her that they were there so she could get them this morning.  Apparently my plan was flawed; she didn’t get them and now is concerned she will never see them again.  Obviously you are both at work so can’t do anything about this now, but I’m hoping you can later.  If Catherine is unable to get them before she leaves for some reason, can one of you take them out of the mailbox and give them back to me?  Courtney is going to Chicago on Saturday and can bring them there with her.  I can come pick them up tonight or whenever, just give me a call.

Thanks for your help in advance,