Don Juan himself, looking almost as delectable as so-called carnitas.Why Kate, how funny you mention grabbing a bite at Don Juan. I did the same myself Saturday night with my California crew.  Why don’t I tell you about it…. (cue music).

I’m not sure if this falls in the category of when you stay out at Wonderland until after 2am, everything is delicious (much like everything is delicious when cooked in 3 sticks of butter), but I think Don Juan is pretty tasty.

Walking home the dancing divas and I realized that Steph hadn’t eaten anything but ice cream all night, so we needed food. Fortunatley, Mt. Pleasant provided.  Don Juan is a Salvadorian restaurant, which has both a sit down restaurant in front (complete with some excellent flora and fauna) and a take-out counter in back on Lamont and Mt. Pleasant St.

Although Don Juan does have a real text menu, we decided to order off of the neon 1987 picture menu.  We waited inside a bit long for our food.  Not sure if it was actually a long time or if we were just ravenous, but, hey, they didn’t kick us out, and I think, at that point, that was all that matters.  We walked over to Lamont Park and ate on the steps.  The beef flautas and cheese quesidilla were delicious.  Everything was super cheap – around 5 to 6 dollars.  Our only compliant really is that according to the picture, you get salsa, which none of us got.  I almost waltzed back in the back door to ask for some salsa but I figured in that state, especially because I pronounce salsa “sal-za,” I should just leave it alone.

I’ve heard through yelp that the people at Don Juan aren’t very nice to those who speak English, which, in addition to coming off as racist, didn’t exactly seem true.  We went in through after hours in the beer garden and updstairs at the Ballroom, and they didn’t throw us out, so I’m going to go ahead and call them the nicest people in the world.

Don Juan also empowered us with witty comebacks for our rumble on Park & Mt Pleasant St.  If Don Juan had anything to do with the perfectly timed taunt of “why dontcha go back to your clam chowder,” then I give it an A+.

Kathleen, will you be my partner in crime at Don Juan next weekend?  Supposedly they also have karoke. Just remember, the Carnitas Don Juan contains shrimp, but it, in no way, contains carnitas.

Don Juan Restaurant
1660 Lamont St NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 667-0010
Mon-Sun 9:00 am-2:00 am (The take-out stays open until at least 2:30am weekends.)