Shoes like those I regularly destroyThere is something really great about a really good shoe guy.  You don’t have to buy new shoes nearly as often (unless, of course, you are financially solvent and can spend superfluous funds on expensive footwear, something I know nothing about).  You can love your shoes as much as you want, wear them out, get blotto in them and break the heels off walking on your ankles.  Wear beautiful leather ones to a Christmas party and then walk home in 6 inches of fresh snow.  It’s all no problem if you have a shoe guy. 

Mt. Pleasant residents have the benefit of such a guy.  At Leon’s, on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Lamont, the celebrated cobbler does amazing work.  He was even capable of fixing Courtney’s “Guards Shoes,” beige leather flats that had suffered the indignity of being repeatly worn in the ankle deep vomit, liquor, and God knows what else that covers the floor at The Guards.  He is, truly, a sole sorcerer, a heel healer. 

There are, however, certain problems that plague this fine establishment.  They are never there when I need them.  I don’t mean just sometimes I have to wait a few minutes until the clerk returns from having a (delicious) bite at Don Juan.  I mean they are NEVER there.  EVER.  It took two full weeks of consistent attempted patronage on my part to finally find the store open and staffed by someone who could give me my shoes back (sometimes there is a woman there who is, apparently, incapbale of returning shoes, only of accepting them). 

I am happy to report, however, that finally, yesterday, after work, I happened upon Leon’s delightfully OPEN.  And after some searching through the piles of shoes that nearly fill the tiny store, I had my shoes back.  They look great.  I have them on right now.  The waiting was absolutely worth it.      

Leon’s Shoe Repair
3201 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
Washington, DC 20010 
(202) 489-6573
Hours: Beats me, definitely closed Sundays