This is my first blogging experience, so bear with me.  I spend a decent (okay, fine, a huge) amount of time reading my RSS Feeds during the day, so it only makes sense that I start blogging myself.

Once upon a time I was a young, naive AU student who embarassingly proclaimed, “the problem with DC as a city is that there just aren’t any neighborhoods!”  Since venturing off the red line, I have discovered that simply isn’t true and six months ago impulsively decided to move to Mt. Pleasant.  (Literally, drove down Park Rd. saw a building, dialed the number and within 24 hours I had an apt. even tho 5 minutes before driving down Park, I had no plans to move.)

I spent my first six months in Mt. Pleasant re-modeling my apartment.  Okay, I wasn’t exactly re-modeling my apartment.  I really just painted and hung shelves and refinished furniture, but I did things to it one is never supposed to do.  Lesson #1 learned:  Never, ever, under any circumstances, power sand indoors. 

Thankfully, Kate has now arrived in DC and we’ve begun our Mt. Pleasant shenanigans together.  I’m not really sure where this is going, but Mt. Pleasant has no blog to celebrate its glory and that’s just wrong.  Hopefully my writing will improve and one day give this neighborhood justice.

My first try, not too too bad, right?