Food, Drinks, Art.

Food, Drinks, Art.

As Tonic has just finished a renovation, it has space to hang art, and District Playground has a great idea. This non-profit is looking for submissions from people who a) live in Mt. Pleasant and b) work in the restaurant/bar industry. You can find out all the additional information here.

District Playground “provides opportunities for less advantaged members of the Washington DC community to participate in the arts and reconnect with creative outlets commonly left behind in elementary school.” SWEET. I fortunately have no lack of creative outlets, much to the dismay of my family and friends, but, honestly, have you ever heard of a cooler organization?

Thanks to Prince of Petworth for posting this great tidbit about Mt. Pleasant on his blog yesterday.


This week at Mt. P’s famer’s market, you can basically buy any fresh produce your little heart desires. No really, you can.

Who knew apple season had started–purchase Pristine, Paula Red, Rambo, and EarliGolds from the always helpful sellers from the always delicious Reid Orchard. I’m particulary excited for the green and yellow beans, flat roma beans, and lima beans from Richfield Farm. (Okay, less for the lima beans, but I obviously like to write in threes.) Also, in addition to free-range pork products, Truck Patch Farms also again has grass-fed ground beef and steaks. Now, I know no one took me up on making me fried okra a few weeks back, but I’m more than happy to be invited to eat steak at your bbq.

At 11am swing by to learn how to make a vegetarian North Indian dish from local Mt. P resident, Lina Parikh. Nothing like a cooking demonstration to start out your Saturday. (Obviously this comes after the obligatory Saturday morning bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwich from Heller’s).

Also tmrw, this guy will be strolling around playing his banjo and apparently takes requests. What are the chances he can play me a little Metallica?

P.S. And as always, thanks to Rebbie of the Mt. P farmer’s market for sending us along the list of the available products each week and for her terrific management of everyone’s favorite Saturday morning activity.

Don’t miss the last installment of the Summer Films in the Park series presented by Mt. Pleasant Mainstreet. The curtain will go up on the final film of the summer at 9pm on Saturday in Lamont Park, featuring The Goonies. The movie will be in English with Spanish subtitles. Everyone had a great time at the last movie night, so make sure you’re in on the fun before you have to wait until next summer for another outdoor, bilingual, cinematic experience!

Main Street is also looking for volunteers 30 minutes before and after the movie. Email Rebecca at We did it last time and its a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Tonight is the Think Local, Drink Local monthly mixer for DC’s local businesses at our very own Don Juan’s. Pay $10 (or $5 if your a Think Local First member) which includes the menu tasting! If you’re one of the fist 30 people to arrive you can take part in “speed-networking” where you move from table to table and rank dishes from Don Juan’s while connecting with other local business owners. Also, everything on the menu is delicious.

Monday, August 4, 6-8pm
Don Juan’s
1660 Lamont St NW (at Mt. Pleasant St.)

We’re smack dab at the height of tomato season, Kids! What a great reason to head over to the Farmer’s Market to choose from no fewer than eight different varieties of luscious, vine-ripened goodies (as well as some fresh, homemade sauce from the Quaker Valley Farm stand). Also new from Quaker Valley this week: red and yellow seedless watermelons and white and green cantaloupes. AND there are enough varieties of potatoes available to keep you knee deep in exotic spuds until Labor Day!

Interestingly, Truck Patch Farms has something available called “chocolate and pineapple mint.” Now I’m not sure if those are two different kinds of mint, one crazy kind of mint, or they are just missing punctuation so they actually have chocolate, pineapple, and mint, but believe you me, I’ll be checking it out.

Richfield Farm is looking for help at their stand during the morning rush, so let them know if you’re interested in community focused employment (or better, volunteering)!! Better get there early to help out, I’m sure there will be some farm fresh produce in it for you!

Note: We’re so sorry we’ve been slightly remiss about keeping you updated these past few weeks, but we pledge to do better. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about: breakfast at Don Jaime’s, late-night Bibim Bab at Adam Express, and a full review of Ramona’s Day Spa!

On Friday: We spotted a film crew shooting driving scenes for the television show Bones.  Though the show is mainly filmed in Los Angeles, the story takes place in Washington, DC, and one of the characters is purported to live above Sportsman’s Liquors, necessitating the Mt. Pleasant filming.

On Saturday: We picked up tomatos, basil, fresh-cut flowers, and free-range pork from the farmers market before heading over to Ramona’s Day Spa for excellent pedicures (details to follow).  At night, there were a whopping four of us at the Intercambio at Dos Grigos (which, at a 100% increase of last week’s two, is pretty excellent progress).

Don’t forget to go support a local business and Mt. Pleasant Mainstreet tonight at Haydee’s! The excitement is from 6pm to midnight at 3102 Mt. Pleasant Street. Burritos for everyone!!

We have incredible news! The Mt. Pleasant Community Garden is up and running! The garden was organized by community activist Rachell Williams, who attended PTA meetings at Bancroft Elementary and lobbied the school for permission to build the garden on school grounds. Permission she received, and today six plots line Mt. Pleasant Street north of Newton.

Together with Lee Cain, an Environmental Educator for the Anacostia Watershed Society, Rachell hoed, dug up rocks, and built the terraced gardens. The wood that encases each plot was generously donated by Community Forklift, an organization that recycles salvaged building materials. The wood is all organic, beneficial for gardens to keep contaminants away from the growing plants. The entire garden, in fact, is organic and eco-friendly, Rachell even hopes to install rain barrels on the side of the school to catch runoff to be used to water the plants.

Rachell opened the garden first to Bancroft parents and neighbors in the immediate area and many were interested, so all of the six existing plots are claimed. There is, however, plenty of room for garden expansion. Rachell plans to build several more plot as well as a communal herb garden at the top of the hill. Each plot is $25, which covers only the cost of the materials (like nails and mulch) used to build the garden. And although Rachell is willing to help, interested individuals must be willing to get their hands dirty in the plot construction process.

If you’re interested in having your own plot in the Mt. Pleasant Community Garden, or you just want to volunteer to help, email Rachell at (Also email her to tell her how much you want to attend a garden grand opening party. I’m going to make deviled eggs.)

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 22, Haydee’s is hosting a fundraiser to benefit our favorite neighborhood association, Mt. Pleasant Mainstreet.  Between the hours of 6pm and 12am, Haydee’s will generously donate a portion of their proceeds to MPMS.  Come out and support the organization that brings you our weekly farmers markets, the summer films series, and numerous other great community events.  And definitely try the fajitas burrito, it’s Courtney’s favorite.

MPMS Fundraiser
Tuesday, July 22, 6pm-midnight
Haydee’s Restaurant
3102 Mt. Pleasant St.
Washington, DC 20010

Tomorrow morning brings the 200th day of the year, the anniversary of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, and yet another installment of our favorite outdoor green market extravaganza — the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market.

This will likely be your last chance to pick up the season’s final sour cherries, but don’t get down, there will be plenty to fill the void. The market will provide a sneak peek of the late summer fruit that is just starting to arrive, like watermelon, cantaloupe, and blackberries.

Of course, all of the usual suspects will be there: the bread guy, the cheese guy, the herb guy (who also has free-range pork and eggs), and the rest of the customary fruit and vegetable hawkers. Also (and very importantly) available: peach pie, my favorite.

It’s going to be a scorcher, so make sure you get to Lamont Park early to pick up that watermelon to enjoy by the pool once the sun hits high noon. We’ll see you there (the market AND the pool… invite us to the pool, dammit!)

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